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Arthritis Guardian

 With Boron, Manganese and a Modified Herbal Formula

MSM (Methylsulponylmethane or simply called organic sulphur)...An essential nutrient required by the body. MSM plays an important role in the production of collagen. Insufficient levels of MSM an lead to an inability of the body to repair or replace damaged tissue. MSM can also play a significant role in controlling pain caused by inflamed tissue cells.

Such inflammation occurs when tissue cells are unable to adjust their fluid levels in response to atmospheric pressure changes. This is way some people claim to be able to forecast weather changes by the pain in their joints. MSM helps regulate fluid transfer in the tissues by keeping the cell walls flexible and permeable.* There are 250 mg of MSM in our Arthritis Guardian™

Boron..This important mineral is renowned for its role in helping to prevent or slow the effects of osteoporosis. There is some evidence to suggest boron may prove Beneficial in treating some forms of arthritis* There is 1 mg of boron in our Arthritis Guardian

These are only 9 reasons that make Arthritis Guardian
the ONLY product of its kind on the market:
300 mg
A recently discovered natural pain killer (not drug / no side effects)
1 mg
 An important mineral
Vitamin E
13 mg
Vitamin C
20 mg
Absolutely necessary for cartilage and bone tissue restoring
10 mg
Has a significant effect preventing osteoporosis
16 mg
Enhances Glucosamine and 
Chondroitin Sulfates absorption
50 mg
Prevents constipation
Folic acid
50 mcg
Zinc Oxide

15 mg

Selenium 0.02%
18 mcg
Essential anti oxidant
Celery seeds
75 mg
Anti-inflammatory properties prevent swelling and pain
Vitamin B6

5.5 mg

20 mg
Recently discovered anti inflammatory

Additional Information about Arthritis and Arthritis Guardian™

A number of natural remedies made available over the past several years have proven to be extremely Beneficial for providing relief for arthritis suffers. The most effective of these formulas has usually included only one or two significant ingredients designed to help diminish the pain, inflammation and cartilage damage associated with certain forms of arthritis. The problem is however, that different types of arthritis attack the body in different ways.

For example, osteoarthritis, the most common form of the disease involves the gradual degeneration of the joints in the body. The joint cartilage which acts as a natural "shock absorber" is gradually eroded. The ends of the bones where the cartilage is attached, the capsule surrounding the joint and adjacent muscle tissue are also adversely affected. While inflammation may not be significant in most cases of osteoarthritis, the level of pain caused by the decease intensifies as the cartilage loses its ability to allow the joint to move smoothly.

In contrast, the rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disorder effecting the entire body. Instead of acting as a defense mechanism for the body, the immune system is triggered by the disease to attack healthy tissue. Rheumatoid arthritis is particularly hard on the joints.

These differences, along with the needs of those suffering from other forms of joint disorders or injuries, has lead to the creation of a highly effective, yet versatile unique formulation. Arthritis Guardian™ provides the equivalent of more than seven products in one formula. Arthritis Guardian™ takes the guess work out of selecting the most effective product to treat almost any form of arthritis or joint disorder.

How Does Arthritis Guardian™ Work?

Arthritis Guardian™ is designed to work within the cartilage matrix. Each nutrient in this remarkable formula is included because of its unique properties in treating specific forms of arthritis or damaged joints.

Joints & Bone Guardian  

A homeopathic drop

When dealing with joint disorders resulting from arthritis or from injury, the most Beneficial steps may be those taken to enhance the bodies ability to repair and restore health to the cartilage and surrounding tissue in the joints.

In order to select the best possible combination of remedies is to include Homeopathic Anti inflammatory drop as well.

Contains: Symphytum, Redum, Rhus, Toxicodemdron, Ruta, Bryonia, Colchicine, Apis mel,25% Alcohol V/V    Size: 50 ml

Arthritis Guardian              Price: R65

Free Joints and bone Guardian-      Price: R45 for ordering two packs

Min order two pack 120 capsules for R125

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Joints and Bone

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