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This is for your general info: Dr Richard Schulze's
Famous Herbal Formula

Why detox?

Natural weight loss, Increase energy level, get rid of water retention, clear blocked sinuses, Restore kidney and liver function, Boost your immune system, clear head, fell more relaxed, Less stress, improve complexion, No cellulite, Improve your circulation, Slow down aging process, Improve fertility, Craving, gas or bloating, Candida, teeth grinding, insomnia, tiredness, heartburn, allergies, constipation, headaches, migraines, arthritis, depression, flu, eczema, pain

Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing uses natural health & herbs to help your body to heal health problems which are often related to a colon which is not functioning as nature intended.

All right.  It's a dirty subject.  But what if no one talks about it?  More people have problems with their colon than most people realise.

More and more people are suffering from health problems, including pain, constipation and lack of energy which can be related to a dirty bowel.

These problems do not happen by accident. Many of these problems are caused partly or largely by eating and drinking foods and drinks which are not what nature intended we eat and drink.

Wild animals who are living as nature intended do not generally get these problems.  You owe it to yourself to LEARN about how you can prevent and even heal these health problems and diseases.

There is no ``one way", no ``magic bullet.  But there are ways that work.  The best methods include:

  • Improvements in nutrition (what we eat AND drink)
  • Cleanses

These are the very things that your doctor won't tell you about Ė because they never learned them.  The average doctor learns around 4-20 hours of nutrition during a FIVE YEAR degree. Their job is to make money by selling drugs and operations.  YOUR job is to look after your health and wellbeing.

For example, no one makes any money telling you to drink more water, which is essential for a healthy colon. 

In addition to learning about nutrition, many people have had great results from doing different cleanses, of the colon, kidney and liver & gall bladder. 

The MOST important cleanse to do is colon cleansing, because if you have a dirty colon with impacted fecal matter, this will create extra toxins which the other organs then have to continually detox.

Human exposure to toxic chemicals has dramatically increased in the last century. Millions of compounds have been formulated and some 50,000 are now in commercial use.

The environmental persistence of many of these compounds is cause for concern. In addition, many of these synthetic compounds accumulate in biological organisms ("bioaccumulation"), storing in bone, fat, or another compartment of the body.

The pioneer of modern day Colon Therapy is Dr Norman Walker who died peacefully at the age of 116.

According to Dr Jensen who assisted more than 350 000 patients in his 60 year long practice, most Colon Cancers, Colostomy's, Colon Disorders, Kidney Diseases, Colitis and Ballooned Colons can be prevented.

Many illnesses and diseases are directly related to improper digestion of food and inadequate care of our bowels.  Our bodies come with a complete system of checks and balances to determine which substances are useful and which are waste.  However, our environment and lifestyles have compromised, and in most cases, damaged the quality of this system to do an adequate job of protecting us from illness and disease.

Rather than give up our livelihood and escape our environment to get on the path of wellness, there is a practical, safe and affordable way to give back to your body what it needs for health and vitality.

Photos of some hardened rubber-like putrefied faeces that were eliminated during an Ultimate 7 Day program of colon therapy.
This could be in anyone of us.                          Something to think about!!

Our intestinal cleanse is 24hr program similar to it plus removing of over 200 Gallstones like green peas that are blocking the liver.

colon cleansing colon therapy
Step 1 - Intestinal and Liver Cleanser to eliminate toxins, remnants of undigested food and fecal matter from the small and large intestines and removing of over 300 Gallstones without an operation. The procedure only takes 24 hr.

NOTE: People whose problem is having too many bowel movements, such as some people with Irritable bowel Syndrome, should omit Step 1 and use just step 2.

Step 2 - Yeast & smaller Parasite Eliminator to kill pathogenic micro-organisms.
This include use of 10 ml Colloidal silver three times a day 1/2 hour before meal for a week.

Full program including 4 of our products tailored to your specific case and condition

R 345

We send you 2 to 4 items depending to your health problem.

       Free shipping for this orders

Click on


The Package contains Magnesium salt container, 3 page instruction, 350 ml Spirit of silver and may be another supplement depending to your case.

This cleansing and soothing formula is to be used periodically in conjunction with Intestinal Step 1.  This formula is a strong purifier and intestinal vacuum.  It draws old faecal matter off the walls of your colon and out of any bowel pockets.  It will remove poisons, toxins, parasites, heavy metals (such as mercury, lead and radioactive metals).  This formula will also remove over 3,000 known drug residues.

Its mucilaginous properties will soften old hardened faecal matter for easy removal.  This makes it an excellent remedy for inflammation in the intestines such as IRRITABLE bowel SYNDROME.

Some patients discovered that this formula also removed COLON POLYPS




Flax seed Powder Contains a natural cleansing and laxative oil    
 fruit pectin Removes radioactive waste, mercury, lead, heavy metals


   100 gm R 65
Pharmaceutical grade Bentonite clay Removes 35 times its weight in waste    R45
Activated willow charcoal Removes over 3,000 known harmful chemicals No stock
Psyllium seed and husk Adds needed fiber, reduces inflammation         No stock
Slippery elm inner bark Removes toxic waste, reduces inflammation    No stock
Marshmallow root Reduces inflammation No stock
Fennel seed or Peppermint leaf Carminative, aids digestion, moves gas               200 gm  R 35

Make this formula also using equal parts of each herb.  Then increase or decrease each herb depending on the desired action you want, intensified or weakened.

This formula can be taken for a week, a month or longer.  Continue to use this formula until you are having one bowel movement each day for each meal you eat. Between two and four bowel movements a day is normal."

(Note: NO ONE should rely on the same herbs all their life. Remember that old peoples' homes have many people who have used laxatives all their life and now can NO LONGER have a bowel movement - they evacuate only by enemas.

 Take extra fiber with your breakfast ( psyllium, wheat germ, oat bran, rice bran).

DRINK LOTS OF WATER! At least 8 glasses a day, and more than this while you are on the cleanse. If you get any cleansing reactions such as a headache, continue drinking water.

Step 3. - Healthy Flora to restore Beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract. The best source is Sourer milk or Bulgarian culture yogurt from your super market.

Step 4. - Anti parasite : Parasites are an ongoing and widespread problem. Some estimate that all humans are hosts to multiple parasites, only some of which can be detected in stool samples. Others go so far as to assert that many common diseases are due to parasites. One thing is clear, many symptoms of dis-ease go away after killing the parasites in our body. The following combination is thought to be effective for killing the most common pathogens found in various parts of our body. We recommend Angle's choice

Step 4. - Cellular Cleanser to support liver and kidneys in removing toxins from the body. The best way is the fasting for 19 days. This means not to eat and drink for 9 hours a day for this period . Our herbal digestion tonic also helps.

Step 5 - Maintenance: Right diet plenty fibbers This include use of our product Senna and Aloe Vera powder to be added to your foods time to time to prevent constipation.

Other recommended herbs: Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Fennel, Ginger, freshly squeezed organic carrot, apple and parsley juice.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER! At least 8 glasses a day, and more than this while you are on the cleanse. If you get any cleansing reactions such as a headache, continue drinking water.


Dr Schulze created a liquid formula for infant constipation, that has an improved taste (although some children may still not like it).  It is a liquid formula, based in fig Concentrate with Cascara Sagrada bark, Senna leaf and pod and the oils of Anise, Clove and Tangerine. You can make it yourself with figs and water, and just the main herbs.

This formula is for children (and even adults) of any age.

Using Colon Cleanse step 1 and 2  (as above) without heavy juicing, raw fruits and vegetables etc. will likely produce results such as 2-3 bowel movements each day, better energy level, improvements with headaches, female problems, male problems, and numerous other Benefits, but the colon will still be largely uncleansed.

The herbs will work as a great laxative, but used along with a polluting food program, the bowel pockets, diverticuli, impacted fecal matter, fungal imbalances and poor tonal condition of the colon will not be greatly improved as they should be. Note that many long term users of laxatives end up with bowels that don't work and have to have constant enemas.

Combine the herbal formulas with the correct diet change and now you will definitely see colon cleansing occurring!

Do not eat or drink: ( as much as possible)

  • Foods containing white (bread making) flour
  • Processed foods such as pasta or baked goods
  • Sugar or food with sugar in it
  • Significant amounts of meat
  • Pork
  • Processed meats
  • Milk (plain, whole milk yogurt made from organically fed cow's milk is okay)
  • Peanut butter (this may be continued after the cleanse)
  • Cheeses (some in moderation after the cleanse is okay)
  • Eggs (free range eggs may be eaten after the cleanse)
  • Soy products.
  • Caffeine (which is in coffee, tea, chocolate, sodas, chuppa-chups). The problem here is that many people need to take 3-6 weeks to come off caffine, to prevent healing reactions such as headaches. Do the best you can for now.
  • The following oils: Canola, cottonseed, hydrogenated oils, margarine, vegetable oil or any oil that does not say it is cold-pressed (Use virgin olive oil or cold pressed sesame oil)
  • Butter (it is okay to have this after the cleanse)
  • Artificial sweeteners especially aspartame (nutrasweet)
  • Microwaved food (a convection oven is okay)
  • Normal table salt (sodium chloride). Use Celtic sea salt (Hand harvested, sun-dried sea salt which is GREYISH in colour)
  • Monosodium Glutamate ( MSG)
  • Artificial Colourings (eg as in Gatorade)
  • Seafood that are garbage eaters (eg oysters)

Restrict all cooked food to fresh vegetables and grains. Some nuts and seeds can be eaten but always in small amounts -- 1/3 of a cup or less at a time and not frequently.

The problem with cooked food is that much of its nutritive value is destroyed in the heating process. All enzymes are destroyed, about 83% of the vitamins, plus the heat changes many of the protein structures into a form that is very difficult to assimilate.

When fruit and vegetables juices are consumed, 92% of the nutrients are able to reach the cellular level. This is because the pulp has been removed and very little digestive energy is required.

3. Exercise- Start where you are and work up. Have at least two 15 minute walks a day. Most people donít get enough exercise, so if you have any question whether this applies to you, you could probably do more. The purpose here is to greatly increase circulation so that your body can flush out toxins more easily.

It is essential for everyone to drink at least eight 8 glasses of water every day. Dehydration is a major cause of constipation and bowel problems.  You don't have to be thirsty to be dehydrated.  Water is needed to CLEAN OUT TOXINS.

If you smoke, have an extra glass of water for each cigarette. If you drink coffee or tea, have an extra glass of water for each cup.  caffeine is a major cause of intestinal problems.


People who have been involved with natural health for a long time are very familiar with the term "Healing crisis". These are negative symptoms which may manifest when the body is detoxifying. An example is the headache that many people experience when they give up drinking tea or coffee.

Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.  When toxins that have been stored in your body a long time start to come out, different symptoms may appear for a while, including headaches, bad skin and tiredness.

Be gentle to yourself if this happens. Know that toxins are moving out of your body. Drink extra water. If the same symptoms continue after a few days, you could slow down on the herbs. This will slow down the rate of detoxification.


While we use Dr Schulze's information, this site is not associated with him in any way. We have not heard of any telephone number or website where Dr Schulze can be contacted by two-way communication. We believe Dr Schulze may be contacted through the Dr Schulze School of Natural Healing, PO Box 3628, Santa Monica  California  90408

PREGNANCY: We recommend that NO herbs be taken at ANY stage of pregnancy.

Because every person's situation is different, neither Stephanie Relfe, Health Wealth & Happiness or any party mentioned in this article will be held responsible for any negative results which come from reading or acting upon the information in this article. Use at your own risk.

Please note this web site is not much active at present and is more informative and reflect opinions in natural treatments.

By law only Medi*al doctors are allowed to diagnose and do treatment. Also registered pharmaceutical Medi*ines recommended by Medi*al doctors must be used. Please do not contact us if you have not already tried orthodox way of treatment. Do not discontinue your medication.

We may suggest special natural diet or complementary supplements that we suggest you check with your Medi*al doctor before use.  


Please note this web site more informative and reflect opinion of writers in natural treatments.

Our products are Natural Dietary or traditional Supplements and not scheduled pharmaceutical Medi*ines. They do not contain any control substance.  All statements are personal opinion of the writers or our healer ( Ben Ash ) and not a Medi*al doctor or a pharmacist advice.  

By law only Medi*al doctors are allowed to diagnose and do treatment. Please do not contact us if you have not already tried orthodox way of treatment. Do not discontinue your medication.

We may suggest special natural diet and complementary supplements that may help your duty you check with your Medi*al doctor before use. Not for use for pregnant ladies and children.

None of these information, products  and suggestions are evaluated by FDA or Medi*ine control council.  

We are herbalist not a Medi*al doctor or pharmacist. We only sell directly and we do not accept any responsibility if you receive our products from any other source.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. All information is provided for educational purposes only and should not replace the advice of your Medi*al doctor. Although the domain name of our site is called "gacure.co.za" it is only a name like other names and we believe the only real cure and Healing comes only from  God The Almighty.  Report web problem or spelling mistakes by mentioning page name to web Master.           Thank you