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Angle's Choice      Mail order In South Africa RSA, Pretoria , Tshwane , JHB, Cape town, Durban PE, East London and more

                   bed wetting.

  Parasites: Hard To Detect and Hard To Get Rid Of!

If you were tested by a doctor for parasites, chances are the results would come back negative. Does this mean you do not have parasites? Unfortunately, Medi*al testing procedures only catch about 20% of the actual cases of parasites.

There are over a 1,000 species of parasites that can live in your body; tests are available for only approximately 40 to 50 types. This means doctors are only testing for about 5% of the parasites and missing 80% of those. This brings the ability to clinically find parasites down to 1%. Now, if I had a 1% chance of winning in the stock market, I don't think I would invest!       

The signs of parasites in the human body:

  • itchy ears, nose, anus, men: sexual dysfunction , forgetfulness , slow reflexes
  • gas bloating , unclear thinking , loss of appetite , yellowish face , fast heartbeat
  • heart pain , pain in the navel , eating more than normal but still feeling hungry
  • blurry or unclear vision , pain in the back, thighs, shoulders, lethargy
  • numb hands , burning sensation in the stomach , women: problems with menstrual cycle
  • drooling while sleeping , damp lips at night , dry lips during the day, grinding teeth while asleep
  • bed wetting.           Full article

Our choice of Anti parasite.

Warning : pregnant woman and diabetics consult your Medi*al practitioner before using this product.

Ingredients: Black walnut hull, Wormwood, red Clove, Liquorice, Zinc Oxide, Hypoxis, Vit B6, Vit C, Alcohol, Sweetener,

Angle's choice

Sorry out of stock

     Try first buy recommended Ant parasite from your pharmacy for whole family including maid and pets.


If you are ordering this item for Liver Flukes you must order at least 4 bottles and drink half a bottle per day

Anti parasite de worming herbal cure

Please note that the whole family must use the de-worming at the same time otherwise re-infection is big possibility. If the cost become too much they can use the pharmaceutical ones that they are comparatively cheaper ( though not quite same effectiveness).  In some cases we recommended to use both types.

Liver and colon cleansing is an excellent item to be used before Angle choice.

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The general misconception

Please note this web site is not much active at present and is more informative and reflect opinions in natural treatments.

By law only Medi*al doctors are allowed to diagnose and do treatment. Also registered pharmaceutical Medi*ines recommended by Medi*al doctors must be used. Please do not contact us if you have not already tried orthodox way of treatment. Do not discontinue your medication.

We may suggest special natural diet or complementary supplements that we suggest you check with your Medi*al doctor before use.  



Please note this web site more informative and reflect opinion of writers in natural treatments.

Our products are Natural Dietary or traditional Supplements and not scheduled pharmaceutical Medi*ines. They do not contain any control substance.  All statements are personal opinion of the writers or our healer ( Ben Ash ) and not a Medi*al doctor or a pharmacist advice.  

By law only Medi*al doctors are allowed to diagnose and do treatment. Please do not contact us if you have not already tried orthodox way of treatment. Do not discontinue your medication.

We may suggest special natural diet and complementary supplements that may help your duty you check with your Medi*al doctor before use. Not for use for pregnant ladies and children.

None of these information, products  and suggestions are evaluated by FDA or Medi*ine control council.  

We are herbalist not a Medi*al doctor or pharmacist. We only sell directly and we do not accept any responsibility if you receive our products from any other source.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. All information is provided for educational purposes only and should not replace the advice of your Medi*al doctor. Although the domain name of our site is called "gacure.co.za" it is only a name like other names and we believe the only real cure and Healing comes only from  God The Almighty.  Report web problem or spelling mistakes by mentioning page name to web Master.           Thank you