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""Multiple research has shown in Tumor Treatment that hydrogen can target tumor cells directly and stop them from growing and spreading significantly. It has been shown that hydrogen can inhibit several proteins and genes responsible for tumor growth.."

A Systematic Review of Molecular Hydrogen
Therapy in Cancer Management

"In conclusion, the findings of this systematic review have shown that there is sufficient evidence of H2’s therapeutic effects on cancer. The therapy can be applied through various administration methods while generally demonstrating similar outcomes with no major adverse effects." Source

Hydrogen is a natural element which can be found in liquid and gaseous form. It is the lightest and the most abundant element in the universe. It is colorless, tasteless and odorless.

“Real world survey” of hydrogen-controlled cancer: a follow-up report of 82 advanced cancer patients

Quality-of-life "Thirty patients were prospectively evaluated by the QLQ-C30 score. After 2 weeks of hydrogen inhalation, patients reported a reduction in dyspnea and an increase in appetite, as well as significant improvements in their physical, role, and emotional functions, with reduced fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and insomnia. After 4 weeks of treatment, cognitive function, pain, appetite, constipation and diarrhea were all significantly improved (Table 2)." Source

"Recent advancements and research has led to the use of hydrogen in several medical related areas.Hydrogen therapy is one of the latest advancements in cancer treatment with very promising results. It is administered in a controlled concentration for a specific period of time to reduce the proliferation of in situ tumors."

Hydrogen Gas in Cancer Treatment

"Hydrogen gas has been recognized as one medical gas that has potential in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disease, neurodegenerative disorders, and cancer (17, 60). As a hydroxyl radical and peroxynitrite scavenger, and due to its anti-inflammatory effects, hydrogen gas may work to prevent/relieve the adverse effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy without compromise their anti-cancer potential (as summarized in Table 1 and Figure 1). Hydrogen gas may also work alone or synergistically with other therapy to suppress tumor growth via inducing apoptosis, inhibiting CSCs-related and cell cycle-related factors, etc. (summarized in Table 1)." Source

Being a non-toxic gas, Hydrogen is reported as completely safe for human administration at higher concentration and Pressure. Hydrogen can be consumed in multiple forms i.e. Hydrogen Gas inhalation therapy, Hydrogen rich water and Hydrogen rich saline injection. Among them, Hydrogen inhalation is the most effective option as it ensures a fast and precise delivery to the tumor site.

Therapeutic potential of molecular hydrogen in ovarian cancer

"We also examined the effect of molecular hydrogen on the migration and invasion of ovarian cancer cells. The results show that molecular hydrogen could suppress cell migration in both PA-1 and Hs38.T cells. The repressive effect of molecular hydrogen on cell invasion of HT-1080 cells was reported in previous study (11), and this effect was observed in both Hs38.T and PA-1 cells. Taken together, these data suggest that molecular hydrogen may exert its anti-tumor effect in ovarian cancer through the regulation of cell invasion and migration.

In conclusion, the present study demonstrates that inhalation of 66.7% molecular hydrogen has an inhibitory effect on ovarian cancer growth. Moreover, molecular hydrogen also suppresses the proliferation of CSCs-like cells and angiogenesis, which may contribute to its anti-tumor effect. Therefore, our results suggest that molecular hydrogen potentially be used for treating ovarian cancer " Source

Hydrogen can benefit our body in two possible ways: -

"Cancer Rehabilitation: Hydrogen can prevent normal cells from the adverse side effects of Chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Hydrogen, when administered in the body, reacts with a toxic chemical species called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). ROS is produced in high quantities during Chemotherapy and radiation therapy and damages normal cellsHence, Hydrogen works as an agent to neutralize these toxic compounds and prevent normal cells from adverse effects. Common side effects like weight loss, liver and kidney damage, inflammatory disorders, etc. can be adressed using Hydrogen. It is now used in many places as a rehabilitative therapy after rounds of Chemo and Radiotherapy ."

Hydrogen gas inhibits lung cancer progression through targeting SMC3 Lung cancer is one of the most common lethal malignancies in the globe. The patients' prognoses are dim due to its high metastatic potential and drug resistance Source

"Cancer Treatment: Multiple research have also shown that hydrogen can also target tumor cells directly and stop them from growing and spreading significantly. It has been shown that hydrogen can inhibit several proteins and genes responsible for tumor growth. Apart from this, there are multiple ways by which hydrogen can target cancer cells and lead to tumor shrinkage."

Cancer treatment and molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy
Many patients suffer more from side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy in cancer treatment. This side effect causes tissue cells to oxidize ...Source

"Hydrogen therapy is now approved by the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for treating Cancer. Nowadays, China has also been involved in conducting clinical trials based on this ability of Hydrogen. The benefits of Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy is under clinical investigation in China where, till now, it has been proven that inhalation therapy is an efficient method which can benefit the patients by multiple ways. Apart from cancer, several research have indicated that Hydrogen Therapy can be used for Treating Viral Diseases including COVID-19 and inflammatory diseases. Infact, the FDA has started a clinical trial of Hydrogen therapy to be used for COVID-19. "

Two weeks of hydrogen inhalation can significantly reverse adaptive and innate immune system senescence patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer: a self-controlled study

Before the start of hydrogen therapy, the percentage of total NKT cell, activated NK and killer NK subsets was all below the normal range (Figure 2). One week after hydrogen inhalation, the activated NK cell subset increased to within the normal range (Figure 2C). Two weeks later, both the total NKT and killer NK subsets were higher than the percentage before treatment (both P < 0.05; Figure ?Figure2A2A and ?DD), and activated NK cells were significantly elevated (P < 0.01; Figure 2C). Total NK cells did not change significantly within 2 weeks of hydrogen inhalation (Figure 2B). Source

"In recent years, the role of the tumor microenvironment in the occurrence and development of cancer has been widely recognized. Tumor cells prefer a prooxidative microenvironment, as antioxidants prevent tumors from achieving their most ideal redox level; these antioxidants decrease telomerase activation, thereby inhibiting tumor cell viability [24]. The mechanism by which molecular hydrogen controls disease involves its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce oxidative stress [25]. Therefore, the antitumor effect of hydrogen may be related to the improvement of the tumor microenvironment, and the inhibitory activity of molecular hydrogen on cancer has been reported in several types of tumors, including lung cancer [10], endometrial cancer [11], glioblastoma [12], and colon cancer [7]. Moreover, both low concentrations and high concentrations of hydrogen presented significant antitumor effects [11, 12]. In the present study, we found that a low concentration of hydrogen (30%) could kill SW480 cells, but only a high concentration of hydrogen (more than 50%) could inhibit RKO and HCT116 cell proliferation. SW480 and RKO cell lines are from different types of colon cancer: SW480 cells are derived from rectal cancer, and RKO cells are derived from colon adenocarcinoma."

Breast Cancer
"Tumor cells generate ROS more abundantly than normal cells and cause elevated oxidative stress (24). Damage to DNA by ROS is involved in chronic inflammatory diseases and in a wide variety of cancer types, including bladder cancer (25), brain tumors (26), breast cancer (27), cervical cancer (28), gastric cancer (29), liver cancer (30), lung cancer (31), melanoma (32), multiple myeloma (33), leukemia (34), lymphoma (35), oral cancer (36), ovarian cancer (37), pancreatic cancer (38), prostate cancer (39) and sarcoma (40).

It has been demonstrated that a number of factors, including intense exercise, cardiac infarction (45), cessation of blood flow, organ transplantation and inflammation (46), can cause acute oxidative stress. H2 is able to reduce the risk of life style-related diseases and cancer (7,47–49), and thus can be used to treat various diseases using its characteristic of protecting nuclear DNA and mitochondria." Source



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