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CHANCA PIEDRA SA now in South Africa

Natureís Liver & Urinary Tract Protector      Phyllanthus Amaris, Phyllanthus Niruri

The excruciating pain of passing a kidney stone is as painful or more than as childbirth. Although levels of pain vary, nearly six million Americans face the dangerous health threat associated with them each year and the challenge of regulating the health risks for the rest of their lives.

Researchers recently found a solution for finally managing kidney stones. Amazon rain forest natives have used the herb Phyllanthus Niruri for centuries to help expel kidney stones and block new ones from forming.


CHANCA PIEDRA 10 to 1 extract

CHANCA PIEDRA   100 gr Powder R295 Incl VAT for . Equivalent to 1kg dry herb.

 CHANCA PIEDRA  200 ml Tincture R345.Equivalent to 1kg dry herb.

CHANCA PIEDRA  Powder Extract for Herbal Manufactures price:R1260/kg +VAT

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In fact, the name chanca piedra, as it is known in Peru, comes from its effect on kidney stones and gallstones. The literal translation is "stone breaker." It effectively softens both kidney stones and gallstones for easy passage out of the body.

Its liver-healing properties have prompted research into its benefits in dealing with the Hepatitis B virus (HBV).

  • bacterial and viral infections
    • colds and  flu
    • herpes
    • HIV
    • asthma
    • bronchitis & colic
    • diabetes
    • hypertension
    • malaria

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